DMA USA - Roof Maintenance
Roof Maintenance
At DMA, our preventative roof maintenance program allows our customers, both residential and commercial, the assurance that the roof has integrity and saves them the stress of unwanted surprise issues or catastrophes.
Our ongoing preventive maintenance solutions include an initial and semi-annual inspection. These twice a year inspections are designed to maximize the current life of your roof, minimize any leak potential, and make sure that proper maintenance is conducted to protect your roof warranties. It is without saying that your roof will be subject to chemical and physical "normal aging" stresses that can occur, for example, by various weather conditions here in South Florida such as sun, heat, rain, and high winds. Often times however, it is small isolated problems caused by abuse, stress concentration, error and other situations that can cut the life of your roof dramatically. Our maintenance programs are effectively executed to help you add years to your roof life. Our thorough inspections can detect minor problems before they become widespread, more costly and a total disruption to your family routine or business functions. 
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