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Referral Program

DMA's referral program is simple, fill out the referral form below and when the work is complete you will be sent a check or gift card of your choice* (AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD) for a % of the total profit. You do not have to be a prior customer to participate in the Referral Program.  

The only thing we require is that you fill out the form online prior to your referral having an estimate scheduled.   We will not accept referrals via telephone, fax or in person. The referrals must be entered via the form on our website.

Referral Form




Phone Number

Email Address

Referral Name

Referral Address

Referral Phone Number

Referral Email Address (Optional)

Choose Preferred Payment Method*

Select an option

*Card fee will be deducted from the total. Any amount over $500.00 will be sent via check unless a credit with DMA is chosen.  All checks will require a W-9 form for IRS. If the annual check total per person exceeds $600.00,

each person will be mailed a 1099-MISC tax form the following January.

DMA will file a 1096 report each year.


W-9 Form

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